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gafoBorn in Madrid on July 31, 1936.

He completed his secondary education in the  Society of Jesus Areneros School.

Two years of Chemical Science in the Complutense University of Madrid.

Joined the Society of Jesus in 1955 (September 26).

Studied Humanities in the S. Estanislao de Aranjuez College (2 years of Humanities and 3 of Philosophy).

Graduated with a Licentiate Degree in Philosophy from the Faculty of Philosophy in the Alcalá de Henares Society of Jesus in 1962.

Graduated with a Licentiate Degree in Biological Science with the Award for Excellence in the Licentiate Degree from the Faculty of Biological Science in the Complutense University of Madrid in 1966.

Ordained Priest in Madrid 1968 (June 28).

Completed theological studies in the Faculties of San Cugat del Vallés in Innsbruck University (Austria) and Comillas (Madrid), 1972.

Director of the Nuestra Señora de África Student Residence of the Complutense University of Madrid. (1969-1972).

Doctor in Moral Theology from the Gregorian University (Rome), 1976.

Teaching of Moral Theology (Human Morals) in the Faculty of Theology in Comillas Pontifical University since 1976. Professor of Moral Theology since 1986.

Parish Priest of San Francisco de Borja in Madrid, 1984-1993.

Expert in the Parliamentary Committee for the study of artificial insemination and human in vitro fertilization, 1986.

Member of the Theological Commission belonging to the Spanish Episcopal Conference Committee for the Doctrine of Faith (1986-2001).

Director of the Chair and of the Master's Degree in Bioethics of the Faculty of Theology at Comillas Pontifical University in Madrid (1997-2001).

Vice President of the PROMI Foundation since 1998.

Member of the Spanish National Committee on Assisted Human Reproduction.

Member of the Scientific Committee of the Spanish Health Law Association.

Member of the Expert Committee for the Study of the Embryo Status at the Bioethics Institute of the Health Sciences Foundation.

Coordinator of the Healthcare Ethics Committee of the Brothers Hospitallers Health Centers in the Province of Castilla since 1994.

From 1997 he was a member of many commissions, associations and committees on Bioethical matters.

He took part in numerous courses and delivered many conferences on Bioethics-related matters in Spain and in Latin America.

He died in Madrid on March 5, 2001.

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