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Within the general mission of Comillas Pontifical University, the Institute of Spirituality, attached to the Faculty of Theology ,undertakes:

  • to contribute to the formation of well-rounded and spiritually mature individuals who are able to guide other people and communities on the path of Christian growth;
  • to find the most suitable balance between theological reflection, vital assimilation and pastoral care;
  • to foster the development of unified personalities, individuals who are able to discern the signs of our times and are committed to exploring and expanding their Christian experience within their own cultural contexts.

Who benefits from our work?

The Institute’s activities are mainly designed for:

  • students from the Faculty of Theology interested in the study of Spiritual Theology;
  • formators or future formators of priests, religious brothers and sisters and members of secular institutions and other Christian communities;
  • lay Christians involved in teaching of catechism and in pastoral support for individuals and communities;
  • all people looking to combine their daily work with ongoing development and study, and who wish to update their skills and knowledge.

Teaching staff and channels

The Institute is comprised of a council of eight lecturers: Luis María García Domínguez, S.J. (director), Pablo Alonso Vicente, S.J., José García de Castro Valdés, S., Javier Cía Blasco, S.J., María del Mar Graña Cid, Eduard López Hortelano, S.J. (Secretary), Francisco José López Sáez and Juan Antonio Marcos Rodríguez, OCD. Many other experts in various fields of theology and humanities are also involved in the Institute.


Director of the Institute

D. Luis María García Domínguez, SJ (Campus Cantoblanco)


Ana Calvo (Ext. 6136)
Domi Merino (Ext. 2515)


Cantoblanco: Ana Calvo


C/ Universidad Comillas, 3 - 28049 MADRID. Tlf: +34 91.734.39.50
Fax: +34 91.734.45.70

Alberto Aguilera:
C/ Alberto Aguilera, 23 - 28015 MADRID. Tlf.: +34 91.542.28.00 Fax: +34 91.559.65.69


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