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Over the course of the year, the Chair usually organizes CONFERENCES in the University's Alberto Aguilera campus which touch upon important issues in the field of bioethics, among which are:

  • Ethical dilemmas of dependency care
  • Health management ethics
  • Ethical problems in nursing
  • Advance directives and clinical practice
  • Etc.

In conjunction with the Association for the Promotion of Disabled People (PROMI), the Chair in Bioethics also holds an Interdisciplinary Seminar most years on the ethical dilemmas regarding mental illness in the province of Cordoba. Stemming from these seminars are the volumes from the collection Dilemas Éticos de la Deficiencia Mental [Ethical Dilemmas of Mental Deficiency].


Since 1987, the Chair in Bioethics has been holding annual Interdisciplinary Conferences on bioethics. The discussion takes place from a Christian perspective but is open to other walks of life. The volumes from the collection Ethical Dilemmas of Modern Medicine were produced as a result of these seminars and have become a bibliographical reference point on bioethics in Spain.

These seminars have welcomed the participation of renowned figures such as Pedro Laín Entralgo, Juan Ramón Lacadena, Diego Gracia, Carlos Romeo Casabona, Federico Carlos Sáinz Robles, José María Castán, Eduardo López Azpitarte, Eduardo López de la Osa, etc.

The latest titles published show the Chair's commitment to addressing the most important current bioethical issues:

  • La limitación del esfuerzo terapéutico [Limitation of therapeutic effort]
  • Dignidad humana y bioética [Human and bioethical dignity]
  • Sexo, sexualidad y Bioética [Sex, sexuality and Bioethics]
  • Adolescencia y menor maduro [Adolescence and the mature minor]
  • Salud, justicia y recursos limitados [Health, justice and limited resources]
  • Neurociencia y neuroética [Neuroscience and neuroethics]

There have currently been twenty-eight Seminars held. The last, the XXVII Interdisciplinary Seminar on Bioethics, touched upon the topic: Bioethics and old age in a changing society.


The Chair offers various courses and conferences on basic bioethics and specialized bioethics to different institutions such as universities, colleges, city councils and hospitals.

  • History of bioethics
  • Rationale of bioethics
  • Principles of bioethics
  • Clinical relationship
  • Healthcare ethics committees
  • Informed consent
  • Clinical trials
  • Animal rights
  • Genetic engineering
  • Cloning
  • Birth control
  • Status of the embryo
  • Abortion
  • Neonatology
  • Scientific and ethical aspects of transplants
  • Palliative care
  • Terminal illness
  • Limitation of therapeutic effort
  • Medically-assisted suicide
  • Anthropology of pain and death
  • Distribution of resources
  • Ecology

With a background spanning more than 20 years, the Chair in Bioethics has taught courses in many national and foreign universities, particularly in Latin America, in various hospitals, clinics and educational institutions.

The Chair has signed a training cooperation agreement with the Sisters Hospitaller of the Sacred Heart (Canonical Province of Palencia) whereby it teaches annual courses on basic and advanced bioethics to different employees in their hospitals.

Specialist Course in Moral Theology

The Faculty of Theology at Comillas Pontifical University offers a specialist course in Moral Theology and Praxis of Christian Life in which special attention is given to reflection upon the main issues in bioethics from a theological perspective.

This specialization explicitly addresses bioethics in the following courses:

  • Rationale of Bioethics
  • Ethical and Pastoral Dimensions of the Beginning of Human Life
  • Ethics of the End of Human Life
  • Moral Cases
  • Ethics of Love and Sexuality
  • Bioethics and Pastoral Healthcare

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